Best Tourist Attraction Places

Top Tourist Attraction Places in Cuba

1. Bayamo

The capital city of the Granma Province of Cuba, Bayamo forms one of the biggest cities in the county of Oriente. This city was founded by Diego Velazquez de Cuellar in the year 1513. Bayamo makes for a unique tourist place in Cuba. Earlier, Bayamo was one of the most important commercial hubs in Cuba. In early the 17th century, Bayamo in Cuba turned out to be the leading town in the nation.

2. Ciego de Avila

Ciego de Avila stands as one of the region in Cuba. The capital city of Ciego de Avila is set on the Carretera Central. Moron is an additional notable city in this region which is placed to the northern part. Ciego de Avila is frequented by a good number of tourists every year. The major cities in this province of Ciego de Avila include Bolivia, Chambas, Baragua, Ciro Redondo, Majagua, Venezuela, Florencia and Primero de Enero.

3. Havana

The capital city of Cuba, Havana makes for a famous tourist place in Cuba. It is a prominent commercial hub and a major port in the country. This city is considered to be the oldest city founded by the Europeans. It extends towards the south from the bay area, which includes three main harbors – Marimelena, Atares and Guanabacoa. Havana is visited by a considerable amount of tourists throughout the year.

4. Matanzas

This city is famous for its Afro-Cuban tradition. Located on the northern coast of the island of Cuba on the Bay of Matanzas, this city is placed at a distance of about 90 kilometers from Havana in Cuba and 32 kilometers from the town of Varadero. Matanzas is broadly visited by various tourists. The total area of Matanzas is 317 square kilometers and it features a population thickness of about 453.3 per square kilometers.

5. Santa Clara

Santa Clara forms the capital city of the region of Villa Clara in Cuba. Located in the central region of the nation, this city was founded by 175 people. With few yet interesting places of interest, Santa Clara makes for a fascinating tourist places. The reputed images which are identified with Santa Clara are Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Marta Abreu de Estevez. The former was a revolutionist, while the latter was considered to be the “Benefactress of the city”.

6. Camaguey

Camaguey is the biggest region in the country of Cuba. The land is mainly low-leveled. There are no such mountain ranges or small hills in the province. Camaguey makes for a unique tourist place and is visited by numerous tourists every year. The northern coastal region of Camaguey features the Jardines Del Rey constituted by the Sabana-Camaguey Archipelago.

7. Cienfuegos

One of the reputed Cuba tourist place is Cienfuegos. This city is located on the southern coastal area of Cuba. It is the capital city of the Cuban province of Cienfuegos. Every year a considerable amount of tourists visit Cienfuegos. Cienfuegos is set at a distance of about 250 kilometers from Havana in Cuba.

8. Holguin

Holguin stands as the capital city of the province of Holguin in Cuba. It was established by Garcia de Holguin after whom the region got its name. Holguin is thus one of the notable Cuba tourist place. Tourists can enjoy panoramic views of the entire city from the hill of Loma de la Cruz. The city also features a baseball stadium. There are six waterfalls and six dams in Holguin. The largest waterfall in Cuba, Guayabo is situated in Holguin.

9. Sancti Spiritus

Sancti Spiritus is one of the important regions in Cuba. The capital city bears the same name as Sancti Spiritus. Trinidad is the other well-known city in this region. Sancti Spiritus is well-visited by tourists from various parts of the nation as well as overseas. The southern coastal part of the province of Sancti Spiritus in Cuba features a plain land. The western part of the province features hilly areas. The coastal part to the north of this province comprises secured areas and wetlands – Caguanes National Parka and Bay of Buena Vista.

10. Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba forms the capital of the Santiago de Cuba Province. Located in the south-eastern part of Cuba, this city is another major destination in the nation. It is thronged by a good number of visitors from across the globe. Santiago de Cuba was constituted by Diego Velazquez de Cuellar. Santiago de Cuba played an important function in the Cuban Revolution. The famous revolutionist Frank Pais belonged to this city.