Best Tourist Attraction Places

Top Tourist Attraction Places in Kenya

1. Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi attracts the visitors at once because of the Nairobi National Park, Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park where visitors can see Zebra, Lion, Giraffe, Rhino, and Cheetah in front of their eyes. More than that they can visit “Fourteen Falls” waterfalls at Thirlka. They can also enjoy white water rafting on the beautiful Tana River.

2. Kisumu

Kisumu is the third largest town of the country. In 1910 it became the administration center of the area as soon as the railway line from Mombassa was completed. The economy of Kisumu was dependent on the main port in the old days as it was a hub of transport activity between the coast and Uganda and Western Tanganyika.

3. Mombasa

Mombasa is a city steeped in history and yet value progress. Mombasa is a fascinating profitable and cosmopolitan port town. This island is connected to the mainland through various bridges and ferries. Mingling of commercial shipping and traditional sailing dhows can be noticed in the wide harbor..

4. Eldoret

It was initially known as 64 because Eldoret was establish at the 64th mile post on the wagon route from Londiani. The name Eldoret was derived from the Maasai word “eldore”, which means “stony river”. The reason behind this was the bed of the stony Sosiani River.

5. Lamu

In Lamu most of the women wear black wrap in the region of roles and cover their head as well in black. A few of them cover their entire face except for slits around their eyes. The men usually wear full length white robes and different skull type caps.

6. Nakuru

In Maasai language Nakuru means "dust or dusty place". Nakuru is the fourth largest town of Kenya. It is the capital of the Rift valley Province. Around 300,000 people inhabit the place. It is mainly an agriculture oriented area, with a great vegetable market. Nakuru is an attractive tourist spot.

7. Meru

Meru is located ion east Kenya. Meru has a population of 42,677. Situated on the Kathita River on the northeast slope of Mt Kenya, Meru is a lovely tourist spot. Meru is placed five miles north of the equator. Meru is an area of mixed forest, clearings, small towns, villages and rural farms.

8. Malindi

Malindi is mainly dependent on tourism, especially beach-tourism. But due to some inconvenience the tourists have chosen some other spots. So Malindi is economically declining and trying to get back its older position.Malindi is a place with busy market, shops, and tourist boutiques. It is the place where you can get the best pizza, pasta and ice-cream of Africa. Cotton, sisal and fishing is the main source of economy.

9. Kericho

Kericho is situated at the western side of the Great Rift Valley and is named after a Maasai chief Ole Kericho, who was killed in a war by the Gusii in the 18th century. Kericho has a war memorial and Holy Trinity church.

10. Nyeri

Nyeri is the gateway to the Aberdares from where you can get the view of the majestic Mt Kenya on a clear day. At the beginning of 20th century the Italian missionaries constructed Mathari Mission, which is a home to many dwellings, stalls.