Best Tourist Attraction Places

Top Tourist attraction places in Morocco

1. Asilah

The small town of Asilah is situated 40km/25mi from Tangier on the north western tip of Morocco's Atlantic coast. It has been Roman, Spanish and Portuguese. Bastions, towers and imposing ramparts now offer the setting for delightful seaside walks and restaurants famous for their fried fish dishes.

2. Casablanca

With an estimated population of 3,210,000, Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. 60% of all Moroccan companies and almost every bank has headquarters here, making Casablanca the business capital of Morocco and one of the most important commercial centers in North Africa.

3. Essaouira

The Sidi Mohamed ben Abdallah Museum is located in the former residence of a pasha and houses regional art, a fascinating ethnographic collection and a history of the local musical traditions. There are documents on Berber songs and stringed instruments decorated with marquetry.

4. Fez

The most mystical of Morocco's imperial cities, Fez was founded in A.D. 808 by the Moroccan ruler saint Moulay Idris II. Fez became the capital and spiritual center of Morocco.The city is situated in a narrow valley against the backdrop of the Middle Atlas and positioned on the old crossroads of caravan routes connecting the Saharan empires

5. Imlil Gorges

Magnificent gorges lead to Imlil, a charming mountain village. This is the starting point for hikes through Toubkal national park. Hobbies & Activities category: Hiking opportunity; Natural area.

6. Marrakesh

Regardless of the origins of the word, Marrakech gave its name to the whole country of Morocco in all its many foreign versions - Morocco, Maroc, Morokko, Marruecos, etc. All these names come from the Latin "Morroch" which derives from the medieval name for Marrakech.

7. Meknes

The imperial city, Moroccan Versailles, was built as the Moroccan capital on a fertile plain north of the Middle Atlas, near Fez by Sultan Moulay Ismail, one of the first rulers of the Alawite dynasty that governed Morocco.

8. Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate is located where the roads between the Drâa, Dadès and Ziz valleys cross. It has two magnificent kasbahs: Taourirt and Aït Benhaddou. It also has a souk every Sunday that sells many items from food to craftwork.

9. Rabat

Set more or less in the middle of Morocco's Atlantic coastline on the left bank of the mouth of Bou Regreg River, Rabat is Morocco's political and administrative capital and the official residence of the King. All ministries and embassies are located in Rabat.

10. Tangier

Tangier has been called the Gateway to Morocco and has been designated as the country's summer capital by King Hassan II. Overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar with a view of Spain's southern coast, Tangier is set on a bay and has been a magnet for travelers for millennia.