Best Tourist Attraction Places

Top Tourism Attraction Places in Sweden

Best tourist places for sweden are listed below :

1. Falun

The old taking out town of Falun, now the managerial center of Kopparberg County, lies on both banks of the river Falun between the Varpasjö and the Runnsjö. Falun is still a significant industrial town, and also attract many winter sports enthusiasts. It is the site of one of the world's most well-known snowboard competitions, the Battle.


2. Gothenburg

The chief town of the County of Göteborg and Bohus, it has a university and a college of knowledge and is the see of a Lutheran bishop. Cultural life in Göteborg is established from end to end the art museum, annual film festival, amusement park Liseberg and free theatres.


3. Helsingborg

The Swedish town of Helsingborg, intentionally located at the narrowest part of the Öresund opposed the Danish town of Helsingør (Elsinore), was for centuries hotly doubtful between Denmark and Sweden. There are plans to build a bridge over the Öresund.


4. Kalmar

Kalmar, chief town of the county of Kalmar in southeastern Sweden, lies on the Kalmarsund, which separate the island of Öland from the mainland. Thanks to this good place, there was already a trading post here in Viking times. The town's modern industries include engineering and motor vehicles


5. Karlstad

Boating in the archipelago or canoeing on Klarälven is well-liked behavior along with fishing and watersports. In 1905 discussions took place here on the closure of the union between Sweden and Norway. Karlstad is now a considerable industrial town.


6. Lund

Lund, 20km/12.5mi northeast of Malmö in the province of Skåne, is consideration to have been found in 990 by the Danish king Swein Forkbeard as the secular and religious center of the eastern part of his kingdom. Lund has an active nightlife, though much is geared to the abundance of students. There is a city theatre, and the Lund Carnival held every fourth year since 1849.


7. Malmo

Malmö lies on the west shore of Skane, opposite the Danish capital of Copenhagen across the Öresund. A major port and Sweden's third biggest city, it is an important economic and cultural center. The town's first defenses were built during the reign of the Danish king Eric of Pomerania, who also decided Malmö its coat of arms in 1473. The town approved to Sweden under the treaty of Roskilde (1658).

8. Stockholm

Stockholm dishonesty on a number of islands and peninsulas at the outflow of Lake Mälar into the Baltic, which at this time forms a deep inlet. The charm of its setting lies in the intermingling of land and water - the skerries fringing the coast, the crags rearing up from the sea, the complicated pattern of waterways encompassing the city.


9. Uppsala

The most notable building in Uppsala is the Cathedral, visible from most part of town. It is the chief town of the county of Uppsala and the region of Uppland and the seat of the Lutheran Archbishop of Sweden. The people of Uppland, the Svea, enjoy the right of electing and deposing their kings.

10. Vaxjo

Växjö lies at the north end of the lake of that name. It acknowledged its municipal charter in 1342 and is now chief town of Kronoberg county. Växjö is home to two distinguished castles - Kronoberg Castle, finished in the 15th century and Teleborg Castle built 1900. It became a spiritual center in the 12th century, when its first church was build by St Sigfrid, a disciple from England.


11. Visby

The island's capital, Visby (pop. 20,000), the "city of roses and ruins" on the northwest shore of Gotland, is the seat of the governor of Gotland county and the see of a bishop. Within its enclosed walls it has sealed much of its medieval environment and received the name of UNESCO World Heritage Site.