Best Tourist Attraction Places

Best Tourist Attraction Places in Israel

Do you still think of take a tour to Israel and see how beautiful tourist places, I’m sure everyone can see that Israel has a lot of grand tourist attractions places. As everyone knows that the modern State of Israel has its past and sacred roots in the Biblical Land of Israel.Israel

1. Akko/Acre

The old city of Acre (Akko) is a great walled city on the coast of the bay of Haifa. As the main natural port in the Galilee and Israel, it has a long history of conquest and ruling empires. It was one of the main Crusaders’ fortifications and ports. Acre was once a most important port in the Middle East, in the same league as Alexandria and Constantinople. The Middle Eastern campaign then collapsed and he withdraws to France.


2. Dead Sea

The outside of the Dead Sea is over 1,300 feet below sea level. The very base of the sea, in the sincere part, is over 2,300 feet under sea level. The Dead Sea has some of the most salty water on earth; as much as 35% of the water is dissolving salts! The Dead Sea is totally landlocked and it gets saltier with increasing depth.


3. Eilat

A resort town of 20,000 and active port, combine sea and desert, Eilat dishonesty at Israel’s southernmost tip. The sun forever shines in Eilat and the average daytime temperature hardly ever dip below 70°F (21°C), even in winter. The main attraction of Eilat is diving in the Red Sea, one of the world’s most impressive underwater preserves. You can see brilliantly tinted coral and fish and may see all from a venomous lionfish to a moray eel to a shark to a sea turtle to a manta ray.


4. Haifa

Haifa is not the best-looking city in the world, nor is it the most thrilling. It is not the biggest city in Israel, and unluckily not the most interesting city in Israel. Nevertheless, Haifa is my hometown, I was born and raised in it, and I have grown to like it. Haifa is located on and around the beautiful Carmel Mountain, next to the Haifa bay in northern Israel. The picture above was taken from my apartment in Ramat Chen, a district overlooking Nave Sha’anan, and the small Ziv neighborhood in particular.


5. Jerusalem

All branches of the Israeli government are situated in Jerusalem, including Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, and the Supreme Court. Jerusalem is home to the Hebrew University and to the Israel Museum with its holy place of the Book. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo has ranked constantly as Israel’s top tourist attraction places for Israelis. The popular Teddy Stadium is considered one of the leading football stadiums in the country. Jerusalem plays an important role in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


6. Sea Of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee has a hot and dry circumstances, sweet water, and calming environment. This makes it a preferred vacationland. During almost year round the lake is full of tourists and particularly local tourism on the weekends. The entire lake is bounded by public and private beaches, and high-rising hotels in Tiberias. The Sea of Galilee, known to Israelis as Lake Kinneret, is only 13 miles by 7 miles, but is one of the most well-known bodies of water in the world. It was on these beautiful shores that Jesus delivered sermons and performed miracles.


7. Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor is a hill rising 500m above the Jezreel Valley in the region of Galilee. Due to its strategic place along the north-south road, it has been a significant fortress since ancient times. Christians have recognized a rock atop Mt. Tabor as the place of the Transfiguration of Christ since the 4th century AD. Mount Tabor is located in Lower Galilee, at the eastern end of the Jezreel Valley, 17 kilometers (11 mi) west of the Sea of Galilee, in Israel.


8. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv insider is praise to the great city of Tel Aviv – Yaffo. These pages are all about the real Tel Aviv experience, the “insider” stuff. The small places that only the locals would know about. It was written by Tel Aviv residents for those wishing to learn or visit Tel Aviv. Come vacation us in sunny Tel Aviv and like its sandy, lively beach scene, even during winter months. If you are coming on an israel tour during winter from cold US eastern coast or Europe, you will be delighted with the mild weather and easy going spirit.

9. Tiberias

Tiberias has been a popular goal for tourist for more than 2,000 years. As early as Roman times, this thriving leisure spa, built around 17 natural limestone hot springs more than 600 feet below sea level, welcomed guests from every part of the olden world. Built by Herod Antipas, the city was named Tiberias in honor of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Many churches were also building outside the walls of the Old City.


10. Nazareth

It is the capital of the northern section of the country and the biggest Arab city in Israel. Jesus grew up in Nazareth with his mother Mary, making the city one of more than a few Christian pilgrimage sites in the Holy Land. A real visit to Nazareth is much more than just a tour of the Old City. One of the basic rules for thoughtful Nazareth is to get to know its adjacent landscape: a horsehoe-shaped bally who’s curved in side faces the Jezreel.