Best Tourist Attraction Places

Best Tourist Attraction Places in Denmark

Denmark,the smallest Scandinavian country, is a mix of rural and urban with antique castles and modern designs found throughout. Denmark is a country where cycling is a popular pastime with thousands of kilometers of established cycling routes. Swimming, windsurfing, yachting and fish are other outdoor opportunity to enjoy.

Denmark is situated in northern Europe. In the south it has an ordinary border with Germany, but somewhere else is surrounded entirely by water. The long German frontier, running at an angle across the Jutland peninsula, stretches for some 68km/42 miles; the coastline is about 7400km/4598 miles in length. To the west Denmark is bordered by the North Sea, but a large part of its country lies in the Baltic.

Two narrow straits, the Kattegat and Skagerrak (east and north-west of Jutland respectively), separate the Baltic, an inland sea, from the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Owing to its place Denmark has always acted as a step-stone between Central Europe and the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula Situated on the edge of the Central European climatic zone and surrounded on all sides by water. Denmark has a cool temperate maritime climate similar to that of Scotland and the northern half of England.

It's hard to get away from the castles-Copenhagen tours pretty much require you to pass at least one or two. And while there are plenty to choose from, it's no secret why Rosenborg Castle is one of the top Denmark tourist attraction. Both opulent and stately, the real draw is the royal compilation strewn throughout the many chamber and ballrooms.