Best Tourist Attraction Places

Best Tourist Attraction Places in Philippines

The Philippines brag some of the best beaches and scuba diving waters in the world, supported by golf and a more and more-impressive inter-island tour and transport system. Witness the vast expanse of nature's splendor under the spell of cool ton breeze. A perfect setting for romance or nature tripping, the country's mountain villages serve as a perfect hideaway from the lowland summer heat.

If you have yet to see the Philippines, then embark now to what assure to be a trip to paradise! Feel the breeze of summer at white-sand beaches deemed as among the worlds finest; be enthralled at the spectacular view of Baguio and Tagaytay; and take a dip in the stimulating waters of modern resort amenities.

Widely known as one of the finest swimming purpose in the world, Boracay is blessed with clean fine talcum powder-sand beaches. Its calm crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming, sailing, and fishing and lie in the sun. Boracay also boasts of sapphire seas and spectacular sunsets. Innumerable hidden coves dot the island and tall coconut trees line up along the beaches.

Boracay lies at the northwest tip of Panay, in the west Visayas region, off the Sibuyan Sea. The island is made up of little community: Yapak in the north, Balabag in the middle, and Manocmanoc in the south. Hilly elevations up to 100 meters above sea level typify Yapak and Manocmanoc. Intertwine trails link the small villages together but many sometimes lead to lush tropical jungles.

To get to Boracay, one has to book a flight to Kalibo, the capital of Aklan province. Air-conditioned coasters or public buses offer one-hour-and-a-half drive to Caticlan where one can board a motorized banca for a 30-minute trip to Boracay.

This newly exposed island boasts of white-sand beaches and surfing waves compare to that of Hawaii. Lying 800 kilometers southeast of Manila, the tear-shaped Siargao Island is a perfect haven for the sun, sea, and surf buffs. It lies on the eastern portion of Surigao Del Norte and on the southeastern tip of Mindanao. The island is a mass of tropical land with scores of reefs, points and white beaches.

Its assure as a surfing mecca in the making was exposed in 1993 by American surf photographer John Callahan who went to examine the rumors of spectacular waves in a little known Mindanao town. He came back from his trip armed with stories about the lovely sun-drenched island and documented his find with good-looking photographs.

Siargao opened itself to the global surfing group of people by playing host to the Siargao Surfing Cup in the metropolis of General Luna. Siargao's Cloud Nine break is said to be among the best in the world and foreign sportsmen view the supreme surf of Siargao as a magnet for deep sea fishing, sailing, wind-surfing, kayaking, and sunbathing on miles of white sandy beaches that the reef-ringed isle and its rich waters afford the visitor.

Samal Island offers unending fascination with its white-sand beaches, thick mangroves, coral reefs, rolling hills and rock pattern. It is an archipelago of nine islands located in the Davao Gulf about 700 meters south of Davao City. An ideal model for resort and growth, Samal Island provides a magnificent site for sunrise and sunset.

Samal Island, like the rest of Mindanao, is outside of the typhoon belt, and enjoys relatively calm weather. Its shoreline is typify by tall, swaying coconut trees, white sand beaches, rock formations, mangroves, coral reefs, and small fishing villages, all suggestive of a tropical island paradise.