Best Tourist Attraction Places

Best Tourist Attraction Places in Finland

The tourist attraction spots in Finland are speckled and complementary. Show both the country natural beauty and culture, these sites summarize all that is unique and charming about the Finns.


Suomenlinna is a sea fortress surrounding half a dozen islands. A UNESCO World inheritance site, it is a popular purpose for tourists. It is a favored picnic site, and there are also more than a few museums there as well.


Saimaa is the 4th main lake in Europe at 4,400 square kilometers. With the sun unblemished fair-haired on the waters, it remains one of the most popular destination for canoeing and fish in the state.

Lake Inari

One of the most good-looking tourist spots in Finland, Lake Inari is to the north of Lapland. It is home to a variety of types of fish including trout, perch and salmon. The area is also well known for Hautuumaasaari Island, the burial earth of the Sami people.

Lake Paijanne

At 1,080 sq km, it is the second main lake in the country. There are several islands, in the middle of the most distinguished being Judinsalo and Salonsaari. Lake Paijanne drains into the Finland Gulf by way of the Kymi River.

National Museum of Finland

Known as Suomen Kansallismuseo in Finnish, the museum is a show of Finnish life from the Stone Age to current times. Among the artifact there are jewelry, precious metals and knick-knacks from various time periods. There is also a show on Finnish folk life.

The Helsinki Market Square

One of the most visit tourist spots in Finland, the market square is in Helsinki. It is filled with vendors peddle souvenir and cafes selling various pastries. Other features there are the Helsinki herring market in October and display old US cars in the first Friday of May.

Orthodox Cathedral

This Eastern Orthodox Church was built in the late 1800s and draws thousands of tourists yearly. Set atop a hill, the church is the home of several invaluable religious icons, many centuries old.

Esplanadi Park

The Esplanadi Park in Helsinki is where most Finns go for picnics during the summer. The site is between the road of Pohjoisesplanadi and Etelaesplanadi. The place is also the site for numerous live musical shows.

Hietaniemi Beach

Known informally as Hietsu, Hietaniemi Beach ranks as one of the major tourist spots in Finland. Found in the Toolo district in Helsinki, it is frequented by both locals and tourists. The beach is also a well-liked setting for investment beach volleyball games.

The Helsinki Cathedral

Lying at the heart of Helsinki, the Helsinki Cathedral (Evangelical Lutheran) was built in honor of Tsar Nicholas I. With the green dome and the smaller ones around it, the cathedral has become one of the most recognizable markers in Finland.