Best Tourist Attraction Places

Best Tourist Attraction Places in Dominican Republic

The best Dominican Republic tourist magnetism is the Samana Peninsula for whale watching, Santo Domingo for the past and civilization and the gorgeous Amber shore and Puerto Plata.

Samana Peninsula

Samana Peninsula is situated on the eastern coast and leftovers unwavering as one of the Dominican Republic tourist attractions not to be missed. The Samana Peninsula is a dramatic area of lush green mountains, brightly coloured wildflowers and aquamarine waters. There are a plethora of things to do in Samana, counting whale watching, whilst at the same time it is place of relaxation and story. In fact, it could be the perfect place to book your Dominican Republic holiday rentals with so many tourist appeals on the doorstep.

The most popular action in Samana is scuba diving. The dive sites are luminous with wreck dives, swim-throughs and copious amounts of brilliant fish and coral.
If you would like to travel around the mountains consider mountaineering and horseback riding. Los Haitises National Park is only a boat ride away and is home to a very special jungle tropical forest. El Limon cascade has a 40m drop and a nice swim pool.

Whale watching

The big Dominican Republic attraction in Samana is whale surveillance. The best time to come see the humpback whales is mid-January to mid-March.

Santo Domingo & Christopher Columbus

Santo Domingo is not just the capital of the Dominican Republic; it is also the oldest city in the New World exposed by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The city is a UNESCO World inheritance Site that still identify with its rich history whilst rising into a good-looking modern city.Alcazar de Colon was billed by the son of Christopher Columbus, Diego, in the early 1500s. Explore the historic district of Zona Colonial and visit the many museums here record the history of the country.

Shopping in the Dominican Republic

If it is shopping that wellbeing you, the main drag is El Conde Street. El Faro a Colon is the resting place of Columbus bones and was built for the 500 year birthday of Columbus detection of Santo Domingo. Guacara Taina is a great club that plays live music inside a real cave.

Amber Coast and Puerto Plata

The Dominican Republic Amber Coast is also called Playa Dorada. It resides on the northern shores of the Dominican Republic. While the Spanish conversion means Gold Coast, its name Amber Coast comes form the large put down of amber found here. The main tourist area of the Amber Coast is Puerto Plata.

Beaches & Scuba diving

For the best beach head to Playa Grande and the option area of Playa Dorada. Gorgeous Playa Cabarete is the place for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The best scuba diving and snorkelling is found in Sosua with reefs and wrecks aplenty.
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