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Fun Facts about the Alcatraz prison

A dark history looms over the Alcatraz Prison. It is a place that you ought to visit when you tour San Francisco. It is one among the popular San Francisco sightseeing spots that attracts many tourists all around the year. In other words, no tourist fails to visit the Alcatraz prison when he/she tours San Francisco for the first time. The prison is located in the San Francisco bay, roughly about 1.5 miles offshore from the San Francisco City. The prison is referred to as "The Rock" owing to the popularity of the movie “The Rock” that was filmed here. It was originally developed as a lighthouse with all the facilities necessary for the functioning of the lighthouse. Later it became a military fortification, a military prison and then a federal prison up until 1963. After 1963 it became a recreation area maintained by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Alcatraz as we know is considered to be one among several haunting sites of US. It has got this reputation owing to the number of suicides, accidents and murders and other mysterious happenings that has happened in the island over several years. However, there is no substantial evidence for the place to be actually haunted and people’s experiences are just considered as mere hallucinations. As a federal prison Alcatraz is known to have harbored several notorious criminals considered to be a threat/danger to the society and this list includes Scarface Al Capone, Robert Stroud, George Kelly and many more. Owing to its astonishing history which can also be considered as a mere coincidence, Alcatraz prison is considered to be one among the historical landmarks of San Francisco and the city promotes its tourism with a lot of enthusiasm by introducing several comprehensive tour packages including Alcatraz tours.

There are many websites online sharing details as well as giving tips and guidelines for getting the most out of your vacation. When it comes to tours of San Francisco you don’t have to think twice as all the packages are certainly quite comprehensive and versatile. Use these details wisely and plan your trip to San Francisco at the earliest.

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