Best Tourist Attraction Places

Familiar Tourist places in Australia

People always ask us which places importance visiting in Australia. Well, we decide to make a list with explanation of each of these tourist destinations in Australia. Please remember that this is a selection of just 10 of the most visited places, and in our opinion, there are at let 30 places that should not be missed.

1. Sydney

Sydney Is the main entrance point in Australia for most people, and the city offers many attractive sites to visit such as the Opera House, Darling Harbour with marine aquarium; lots of Shopping malls, museums, and it value a visit to the other side of the bay including the Zoo and the beach of mainly. Visiting the downtown tower (Sydney Tower) will have a full view of the city from the top. The Blue Mountains will provide a beautiful panorama of the valley. The nightlife in Sydney is one of the most active in all Australia.

2. Cairns

Cairns is a little city without any large Attractions, however the things you can do around are fantastic, such as going to the Great obstacle Reef (and if you can go to the outside reefs better, because the inside reefs are not very spectacular, although the cost will be well more expensive.). The Cable car until Kuranda over the rainforest offers only one of its kind views and you can go for a promenade and watch the waterfalls and forest in a closer look. Other day tours worth to visit such is Port Douglas and a little further Daintree National Park (It is considered the forest with the biggest variety of plants per square meter on the planet).

3. Gold Coast

Beautiful beaches special for surfers and beach lovers. Other attractions are the Theme Parks and the busy night life in Surfers heaven. The surrounding mountains and National Parks should not be missed with many waterfalls, flora and fauna to be appreciated.

4. Fraser Island

Fraser Island is very nice with tracks on the rub down for 4WD vehicles and beautiful crystal obvious Lagoons besides lots of nature to see. Close by, in the Sunshine Coast, Noosa is the most interesting city to stop at least for 1 day and Brisbane the capital of Old, is an interesting city to stay or to be the exit point for all other cities in QLD.

5. Magnetic Island

In front of Towns ville, with fantastic beaches. 2/3 of the Island is considered National Park with many colonies of Koalas and Kangaroos to be see in their normal environment. The island is protected National Park that contains over 100.... Range of resident wildlife - koalas, kangaroos, and an enormous variety of bird species. ... Park to the west and the Whitsundays at its front door Airline beach are.... wallabies and dingoes considered to be the most pure strain in Australia.

6. Whitsundays

Paradise for maritime sports with brilliant nightlife and restaurants. The photo of airplane in the top of this page is from the Whitsunday’s. One of the best gateways to the Great Barrier Reef and island resorts. Perfect place to do a tour in a sailboat

7. Ayers Rocks

In the heart of Australia, close to the city of Alice Springs. It is the biggest rock monolith in the world and a sanctified place to the Aborigines. All the surroundings are deserts full of special places. Alice Springs is the exit point. Three major art auctions in Australia this ... Warangkula sold the painting to an Alice Springs artist in 1972 for $150. .... Next week there's an important auction of about 1000 aboriginal works of art. .... a city is being reborn -one that is a real place, not just a tourist quarter.

8. Great Ocean Road

About 3 hours driving from Melbourne, following the coast and mountains. The wearing away caused by the sea and winds created huge monoliths of rock, called The 12 Apostles. (Now only 8 remains standing). Melbourne is an excellent urban city to visit, being the F! Pilots the preferred city circuit. The international atmosphere and multiculturalism, nightlife, and the variety of excellent restaurants, makes Melbourne a must visit city in Australia.

9. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is Close to Darwin. One of the most beautiful National Parks in Australia with plenty of wild life and array of native plants. The only negative point is that it is so popular, that is not easy to walk alone in the park without finding other tourists.

10. Tasmania

One of the prettiest places in Australia, and in certain way it reminds some New Zealand landscapes. Nice cities with brilliant construction to visitors. The nature is the highlight, with amazing beaches. The mountains and lagoons are well known for their beauty and wild life, and there are many historical places from the time Tasmania was a biggest prison for British convicts.