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Best Tourist Attraction Places in Wake Island

Wake Island is a tiny isle in Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean,located 2/3 of the way from Honolulu to Guam,best known for its role in World War II. It is an unorganized United States country, with no enduring residents, just members of the U.S. military and civilian contractor who manage the capability.

Situated just a few hundred miles west of the International Date Line, Wake Island is in the outlook from most of the world, and the rest of the United States.

Wake Island is strictly an atoll of three islands: Wake itself is V-shaped; Wilkes and Peale Islands is conservatory of the legs of that V, separated from Wake by narrow channels.
They surround a shallow lagoon, and are themselves bounded by a coral reef. The uppermost point is only 20 ft above sea level. The beaches and lagoon are highly praised as examples of tropical beauty.

The 98 Rock is a memorial for the 98 U.S. Prisoners of War who were forced by their Japanese captors to reconstruct the airstrip as slave labor, then blind-folded and killed with machine guns on 5 October 1943.

Sharks swim in the waters of the Pacific around Wake Island. Wake Island has no natural fresh-water sources, so huge catch basins for precipitation were built but are no longer in service. Water now is made through reverse osmosis dispensation units that pull salt water from the ocean and change it to potable water. 

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