Best Tourist Attraction Places

Best Tourist Attraction Places in Yemen

There is lots of tourist intention in Yemen.Yemen is a Middle Eastern country located in the south-west bend of the Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia. Yemen is bounded by Saudi Arabia to the north, the red sea to the west, the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden to the south and Oman to the east. A large number of people visit this country to see the popular tourist intention in Yemen.

Yemen country includes over 200 islands, the largest of which is Socotra, about 415 km (260 miles) to the south of Yemen, off the coast of Somalia. It is the only republic of the Arabian Peninsula.

Yemen is one of the best-looking countries in the world. You will feel like you have traveled back in the biblical era. Men and women still wear their customary garb. The houses also look like the pictures you may have seen in the bible or Koran.

Sana'a is the capital of the republic of Yemen. This is a good-looking city and is a major tourist purpose in Yemen. This 2nd century city is on the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Marib is another must see for people who are looking forward to explore the rich cultural heritage of Yemen. The great Marib dam is a very impressive structure and is a proof of how developed early Yemenite civilizations.

Shibam is dubbed the Manhattan of the desert. This is a wonderful landscape and also receives a huge number of tourists around the year. While in Yemen, one can either enjoy the fantastic ancient structural design or have a great time appreciative the beautiful mountains and desert landscape. Yemen is a totally beautiful country.

There are so many tourist destinations in Yemen that thousands of travelers from all across the globe come here to witness the rich heritage and tradition of Yemen. Some of the other popular tourist destinations in Yemen are Socotra, Manakh, Thila, Al mukalla, Kawkaban, Zabid, Tarim, Shaharah, Ibb, Hababah, Jilah, Hammam damt, Sif, Rada.